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The Many Mums of Autumn

Fall is a wonderful time to see the beautiful colors of changing leaves. There are also many amazing flowers that bloom in the fall, and our favorite one is the chrysanthemum. These fantastic flowers come in a variety of blooms with many colorsdaisy-mums-ray-flowers-disk-centre perfect for fall. Whether you’re decorating with fall flowers, sending them to someone special, or simply enjoying them in your garden, discover the world of mums and their many different varieties. It’s great to learn a little bit about where mums come from, too! Take a look at the different species available in chrysanthemums to discover new favorites. Take a look at these interesting fall facts about mums our floral experts at George Thomas Florist have dug up for you this season.

wedding-flowers-wholesale-green-button-mums-001Button Mums

Button mums are the smaller version of pompon mums, a variety of chrysanthemums that present a rounded globe-like head for a soft, colorful addition to any fall floral design. Button poms are often seen in greens or yellows, like in our Color Craze Bouquet. The green buttons make a perfect accent to a bouquet of sunny fall blooms.

Daisy Mums

1b8856aaee6cf55b9792e5fc9fcc8bc6Daisy mums are one of the most popular varieties of chrysanthemums, mainly because they resemble daisies but are still a hardy, long-lasting chrysanthemum. Whether planted in the garden, standing alone in a single stem vase, or included in a mixed bouquet like our Fall For Daisies, these blooms bring a cheerful addition to any space. Daisy mums appear in a spectrum of hues, from white and yellow to gold and bronze, like in this bouquet. 

Find Inspiration and Meaning in Mums

Chrysanthemums have been a long-venerated flower for centuries around the world. Originally cultivated in China, the mum was once so special that only royalty in China could grow or possess the plant. Even today in East Asia, mums are highly respected as a symbol of rejuvenation and longevity. As a symbol of the sun to the Japanese, the “Land of the Rising Sun” has also incorporated the chrysanthemum into the Imperial Seal of Japan. Mums are often used as gifts for special occasions even today in Asia. In the West, although most mum varieties are not particularly fragrant, the woodsy smell often symbolizes fall to Americans. In other western countries, the blooms tend to epitomize the ideas of joy and optimism. Even the name of the bloom translates, in the Greek language, to “gold flower,” a radiant example of the brilliance that mums bring to our fall decorations.

With so much positivity and warm wishes. mums make a perfect gift for sending Flowers in Indianapolis to someone special in the fall months. They’re also excellent for displaying in and around your home or office. Bring joy and good fortune when you place mums in your vicinity this season. To learn more about mums, where they come from, what they mean and how different they can be from one another, talk to the floral designers at George Thomas Florist. We’re happy to share our knowledge and insight with you as you choose the perfect Fall flowers this season.

Keep an Eye out Around Town for a Lonely Bouquet

The Lonely Bouquet by George Thomas Florist

The Lonely Bouquet by George Thomas Florist

We could all use an extra smile and some extra joy in our lives. Since beautiful flowers are a great way to brighten someone’s day, the Lonely Bouquet program from George Thomas Florist is the perfect way to spread some of that joy out into the community.

The concept behind the Lonely Bouquet is simple:

1) Purchase a specially designated bouquet of beautiful flowers from George Thomas here

2) Leave the arrangement behind somewhere around town for a lucky random person to take home!

It really is that simple! You never know what kind of an impact that random acts of kindness can have on friends, neighbors and even total strangers.

gt1gt2The specially designated Lonely Bouquets from George Thomas are tagged with special “Take Me” cards letting the unsuspecting recipients know that the bouquets are indeed intended for them from the heart of an anonymous sender.  On the tag will be instructions for them to share their bouquet on social media if they choose.

You can leave the flowers anywhere you choose; a bus stop, a hospital waiting room, an assisted living home…the possibilities are endless. If you can’t decide where to leave the Lonely Bouquet, or don’t wish to do it yourself, we’ll gladly hide it somewhere around town for you.

By participating in this special program, you’re not only making someone else’s day a little bit brighter, but we’re pretty sure you’ll feel good too. The Lonely Bouquet is also a fun activity you can do with kids to teach them the importance of giving back and introducing them to the concept of “paying it forward.”

Join us in making Indianapolis a brighter place, by putting a smile on someone’s face!