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Discover Fresh and Exciting Halloween Floral Gifts at George Thomas Florist!

Halloween, a cherished fall holiday for both adults and children, ushers in the season with its eerie costumes, spooky decorations, and haunted houses that have delighted generations. However, the tradition of Halloween flowers predates these modern festivities. While we don’t recommend gifting severed heads or bloody skulls to trick-or-treaters, our Halloween Floral Gifts make perfect centerpieces for your party or enhance any table setting during your celebration. Continue reading

Experience the Magic of Fresh and Artistic Autumn-Themed Floral Creations at George Thomas Florist!

As the calendar turns to September 23rd, the season of fall graces us with its presence, prompting delightful thoughts of fall festivities and gift-giving. Flowers and plants stand as timeless tokens of affection for any occasion. Amidst our diverse selection, you’ll discover the perfect match for your needs, thoughtfully crafted by our team of Professional Floral Designers. Continue reading

Cherish Your Anniversary with the Exquisite Blooms from George Thomas Florist & Flower Delivery

When it comes to commemorating a special anniversary, finding the perfect flowers can be a delightful challenge. At George Thomas Florist & Flower Delivery, we offer a remarkable selection of caring and gorgeous flowers and plants, specially curated to celebrate your meaningful milestone. Continue reading