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Looking for a florist that provides same day delivery to IU Health Methodist Hospital?

Look no further than George Thomas Florist! We are proud to offer speedy delivery services to ensure that your loved one receives their floral arrangement in a timely and efficient manner. With our dedication to quality customer service, you can trust that your special someone will receive a beautiful bouquet that will brighten up their day.
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Showcase the Beauty of Spring

Spring has arrived in Indianapolis, bringing with it a season of renewal and growth. What better way to embrace this beautiful season than by adding fresh and vibrant floral arrangements to your home decor? Whether you prefer the soft pastel hues or the bold and bright colors of spring, there are countless ways to bring the beauty of this season into your home. Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Prom Flowers

It’s prom season once again, and for many high school students, this may be their first time buying flowers from a flower shop in Indianapolis. While this can be overwhelming for teens who are unfamiliar with flowers, don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Traditionally, prom flowers consist of a corsage for the ladies and a boutonniere for the gentlemen, with the colors and flowers matching the prom dress. However, modern corsages and boutonnieres are only limited by George Thomas Florist’s imagination and the available flowers. Continue reading

Decorative Flowers for Easter Celebrations

Looking to bring in the Spring season while honoring the Easter holiday in Indianapolis? Look no further than George Thomas Florist. Easter is a wonderful time to gather with loved ones and friends, and flowers are a significant part of the celebration. At George Thomas Florist, we offer an excellent selection of Easter and Spring flowers to add beauty and freshness to your holiday and season.

Our Spring and Easter flowers make for the perfect gift, whether for your mother, grandmother, significant other, co-workers, church groups, or as a dinner gift if you’re invited to someone’s home.

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What is The True Story of Luck Behind the Four Leaf Clover?

As winter comes to an end and spring begins, people all over the world are gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day, a festive holiday that celebrates Irish culture and traditions. While many associate the holiday with wearing green, the true story behind this beloved celebration lies in the luck behind the four-leaf clover.

Traditionally, the shamrock was the symbol of the holiday, representing the holy trinity. However, the rare four-leaf clover, which is a unique variation of the three-leaf clover, became associated with good luck in Irish culture. Some interpretations suggest that the other three leaves represent faith, hope, and love, while the fourth leaf is a true symbol of luck for those who are fortunate enough to find it.

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March Birth Flower

March’s Birth Flower: Daffodil

As spring approaches, daffodils start blooming in gardens and woodlands, making them a fitting symbol for those born in March. But even if it’s not your birth flower, it’s worth learning more about the history, meanings, and symbolism behind this beautiful flower!

Daffodils come in various shades, including yellow, white, and pink, and have a trumpet-shaped crown with six petals. Originating from northern Europe, they can grow in most parts of North America, except for extremely hot and humid regions. While daffodils are known for having a single bloom per stem, other members of the Narcissus genus, like jonquils, produce multiple blooms per stem. In fact, there are thousands of registered daffodil cultivars!

Interestingly, the term “daffodil” refers to multiple species within the Narcissus genus, including jonquils, which are sometimes called rush daffodils. It’s worth remembering that all jonquils are daffodils, but not all daffodils are jonquils.

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Spring is Almost Here

Spring is almost here, and with it, the breathtaking explosion of colors and scents from flowers. Nothing captures the essence of spring quite like a stunning bouquet of fresh blooms, and George Thomas Florist, located in the Historic Irvington district of Indianapolis, offers an exceptional selection to choose from. Discover the various types of spring flowers available at George Thomas Florist to bring joy to your home or office. Continue reading