Embrace the arrival of June, the enchanting National Rose Month!

Throughout the ages, roses have served as enduring symbols of love, beauty, war, and politics. Their captivating splendor and profound meanings make them an exquisite addition to any floral arrangement.

The inception of National Rose Month can be traced back to 1959, when endeavors were made to designate the rose as the national flower of the United States. However, it wasn’t until 1986 that the rose gained official recognition as the national flower. This esteemed status was bestowed upon it by President Ronald Reagan, who signed the resolution proclaiming the rose as the national floral emblem of the White House. As June has long been associated with roses, especially considering their popularity in weddings, it was only fitting for National Rose Month to take place in this blooming month.

Express your sentiments with the eloquent language of roses. While all flowers can convey emotions, roses are renowned for their ability to communicate diverse feelings. Each color carries a distinct message, allowing you to effortlessly express your innermost thoughts.

Passionate and beloved, red roses reign as the most popular and renowned variety. They symbolize fiery passion, true love, and desire, making them the perfect choice to declare “I love you.” Red roses are the quintessential tokens of affection, often chosen to convey deep emotions.

For a softer touch, pink roses provide a delicate alternative. They embody gratitude, grace, and joy, serving as a symbol of admiration and appreciation. Pink roses beautifully express gratitude for the presence of someone special in your life.

Peach roses, with their warm hues, hold multiple meanings, including modesty, authenticity, sincerity, gratitude, and sympathy. They are an excellent choice to convey heartfelt appreciation and are often sent to close business deals or express thanks.

White roses have long been associated with bridal bouquets, symbolizing new beginnings, eternal love, and youthful purity. They evoke innocence, youthfulness, and unwavering loyalty. White roses make a timeless declaration of everlasting affection.

Radiating happiness and positivity, yellow roses exude a cheerful charm. They represent friendship, joy, care, warmth, and delight. Yellow roses are also versatile messengers, perfectly suited to convey wishes of good luck, warm welcomes, and unforgettable memories. Sending yellow roses to a friend is a heartfelt gesture of appreciation.

With their fiery hues, orange roses ignite desire, fascination, energy, admiration, and excitement. They eloquently proclaim, “I am immensely proud of you.” Orange roses are a splendid choice for celebrating achievements, making them an ideal gift for recent graduates.

Symbolizing growth and abundance, green roses possess a soft and delicate allure. They represent renewal, fertility, and the rejuvenation of spirit and energy. Green roses serve as a meaningful gesture to celebrate new mothers or individuals embarking on new journeys or career paths.

Remember, there’s a rose for every sentiment you wish to convey.  George Thomas Florist stands ready to assist you in crafting a remarkable bouquet that eloquently expresses your thoughts, emotions, and deepest feelings.

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