Decorative Flowers for Easter Celebrations

Looking to bring in the Spring season while honoring the Easter holiday in Indianapolis? Look no further than George Thomas Florist. Easter is a wonderful time to gather with loved ones and friends, and flowers are a significant part of the celebration. At George Thomas Florist, we offer an excellent selection of Easter and Spring flowers to add beauty and freshness to your holiday and season.

Our Spring and Easter flowers make for the perfect gift, whether for your mother, grandmother, significant other, co-workers, church groups, or as a dinner gift if you’re invited to someone’s home.

We recommend that Easter flowers arrive one or two days before the celebration begins, but Spring flowers are welcome anytime! Visit our floral design center in Indianapolis, and let us help you prepare a thoughtful Easter or Spring flower arrangement.

We have a wide range of popular Easter and seasonal Spring flowers to choose from, including:

Tulips: Low maintenance and easy to plant, these colorful flowers are perfect for Spring.

Lilies: Fragrant and elegant, these trumpet-shaped blooms come in a variety of colors.

Hyacinth: With their purple, pink, and white blooms, these flowers symbolize peace of mind.

Baby’s Breath: Delicate and beautiful, these flowers represent the Holy Spirit.

Daisies: White daisies symbolize the innocence of the Christ child.

Lilacs: Colorful and fragrant, these flowers brighten up any home despite the old wives’ tale that bringing them indoors is bad luck.

Daffodils: These frilly, delicate flowers come in peach, apricot, orange, coral, white, and yellow and are perfect for conveying true love or friendship.

Primrose: Native to Britain, these yellow-bloomed flowers are crinkled and make a lovely decoration from March to May.

Snowdrops: With their unusual white, drooping, bell-shaped flowers, snowdrops start growing in January in some parts of the country.

Crocus: Bright and cheery, these purple, yellow, and white flowers are perfect for Spring.

Forget-me-nots: Short and blue, these flowers are great as accents in pots, gardens, and arrangements.

Wallflowers: Dark red and yellow, these are a popular flower bed plant.

Reticulate iris: Fragrant and early-blooming, these purple flowers with yellow markings make for great flowerpots.

Heather: A favorite for bumblebees, heather’s sweet fragrance makes for a wonderful home decoration.

Grape hyacinth: With small, bright blue flowers, these make for a great pot plant but may need occasional thinning.

Bearded iris: With ruffs and falls and hair-like growth in the center, these are also known as bearded Iris and are great for flower bouquets and arrangements.

Alliums: These globe-shaped purple flowers make for fabulous cut flowers and look great in dried flower arrangements.

Choose George Thomas Florist in Indianapolis for your Easter and Spring flower needs, and let us help you create the perfect arrangement for your Easter holiday and season.

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