Thanksgiving Flowers? Yes, please!

Artisanal Autumn Centerpiece

When most people think of giving flowers they think of Valentine’s day, a birthday or, of course, Mother’s day, but here’s a fact; giving flowers on Thanksgiving is a perfect way to make this beloved holiday even better! Truth is, a flower delivery on Thanksgiving from your local florist is one of the nicest gifts you can give and will be greatly appreciated by the lucky person who receives them!

At George Thomas Florist in Indianapolis and all over the rest of the United States, florists are gearing up to deliver Thanksgiving flowers to millions of lucky moms, diligent dads, great uncles and grandparents galore. That’s because everyone loves flowers and, with winter coming up fast, most people won’t be seeing them in the garden again any time soon.

Like all big holidays where the family comes to have a sit-down dinner, on Thanksgiving the table looks so much more festive with a beautiful flower arrangement in the center. Your local Indianapolis florist has a rainbow of gorgeous colors that you can choose from, to create an arrangement that sets the mood and puts all who see it in happier spirits.

Being that it’s now fall, yellows, oranges and other autumn colors are the palette of the day, and will match with the decor you’re going to be setting out for the big Thanksgiving feast. Don’t need a centerpiece? That’s OK, your Indianapolis florist can make a smaller but just as pretty arrangement for anywhere in your home, like the den, kitchen or living room. Even one for the bathroom if that’s what you or the person you’re buying for would like!

Enchanted Harvest

If you’re not sure what flowers or flower arrangement would best fit the situation, don’t stress! George Thomas Florist here in Indianapolis has more ideas and options than you can imagine, and they’re full of great suggestions too! All you need to do is give them a call, tell them what you’re looking for and who the lucky recipient will be, and let them take care of the rest!

On Thanksgiving day, or one or two days beforehand, they can deliver the flowers to whoever and wherever you’d like, to put a smile on their face and make their Thanksgiving day one of the most memorable days of the year.

So yes, flowers for Thanksgiving are a fantastic way to say ‘Happy Holidays!’ and bring some colorful joy to someone you love. Just remember that, with Thanksgiving fast approaching, you need to give your local Indianapolis florist a call sometime soon, to make sure they put your order in their queue! From George Thomas Florist to everyone all over the great city of Indianapolis, have a warm, safe Thanksgiving day!

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